once a belieber, forever a belieber.

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maejorali: Sneak peek of a new banger🔥😵 @justinbieber and I are goin in! One of my favorite beats I’ve made lately.. ♛

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I see so many smiles and so many like people of crying of happiness like how could i… that doesn’t get old, how could that ever get old?

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"Today was probably one of the most magical days… of my life. I got to visit a place that I didn’t really know existed. So many beautiful children who are very less fortunate. And I’m not talking about poor, I’m talking about 10 people living in a little shack.. and it was just a wake up call for me. It was like, any problem that I have is nothing at all. These kids have absolutely nothing at all… they have no food, no water, no education and yet we’re stressing over the little things. And they’re just so happy. They’re so happy. I’ve gotta say that it’s selfish of me. But it’s the best selfishness possible, because I’m doing this because it makes me happy. But it’s also helping so many amazing people. I met this beautiful girl named Shelley, and instantly we had a great connection. She was just, beautiful she had such a sweet soul, and followed me around everywhere, and… My eyes are just opened to something brand new." (x)

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